Presidential elections in Iran: Rouhani a reformer or conservative Raisi

In Iran this Friday held presidential elections and their results are once again very difficult to predict. In short, the main and very tough fight going on between the reformist Hassan Rouhani and conservative Ibrahim Raisi.

To talk about their foreign customers Mahdi can watch. He says he has two thousand business cards of people from all over the world have visited Iran and are unable to leave without the carpet, reports «TV Center».

Shop Mahdi in the heart of the Tehran Bazaar is one of the largest markets in the world. Perhaps it is the true center of the Middle East, which occupies 20 square kilometers. And working people here – not just merchants. They are called bazari is a special class of conservatives, has a strong influence on Iranian policy. For example, this is where the money was going to Islamic revolution.

«At that time I was already working on the market and I well remember 1979. The Tehran Bazaar overthrew the monarchy in Iran. And now he has a strong influence on policy. In making any decisions are consulted with local merchants. And most politicians in Iran — it came from our market», — said the trader of carpets Mahdi Asgari.

For 38 years, Iran – Islamic Republic of, the center of Shiism and one of the few places on earth where religion is the Foundation of the state. Which is headed by the Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Under Sharia law in the country prohibited alcohol. Men and women separately go on public transport and are required to dress modestly. However, in recent years, more noticeable relief and has been in the shops – fancy by local standards, blouses and colorful shawls.

«Of course, now women are no longer allowed. For example, bright clothes. But on the streets, the special police, who strictly monitor people’s appearance. Personally I’m against it, it is necessary that the state structure in Iran has become like Turkey or Malaysia,» said the candidate in presidents of Iran Malek zade.

Dr. Malek zade is one of those in Iran opposed to religious conservatism. She announced his candidacy for the presidency, which here is the chief Executive, but has not been tested for reliability. All participants were over 1600, before the election, the Council of religious leaders made six, however, the real struggle takes place between the two candidates. This is the current President of Iran Hassan Rouhani and Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi. Their supporters in recent days filled the streets of Tehran.

If not for the police, which in time disperse protesters, they will go wall to wall. On one side of the street – supporters of the incumbent President, on the contrary, opponents of voting for a religious leader Raisi. Difference of opinion is visible, not only on clothing, political disputes could shift easily in a fight.

These elections like never showed the country not only elects the President. Reformer, who promises to build bridges between Iran and the West. And conservative, which relies on the fundamental Islamic values.

Raisi openly criticized the nuclear deal, accusing Washington of reneging on commitments. Thanks to her, with Iran took only a part of the international sanctions, and after the arrival of Donald trump relations between the two countries again deteriorated

The current President Rouhani promised to pursue a policy of getting rid of sanctions and to attract international investors. However, in their views, he, of course, also quite conservative, and for the last 4 years in the domestic politics of Iran, little has changed. But many young Iranians like his image of a reformer and liberal, and each of them brings their demands to the President.

Unreliable in conditions of Iranian opinion polls suggest that none of the candidates receive half of the votes in the first round, and thus the struggle can continue in the second. But in the history of the Islamic Republic the incumbent President is always elected for a second term. As will be this time, will be known in a few days when the final results of the elections will adopt Iran’s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. The head of state traditionally does not support publicly any of the candidates, allowing the people to make their own decision.

Peter Buslaev, Valery Konin, Victor Maltsev, Eduard Mammadov, In the center of events», «TV Center», Tehran.

Presidential elections in Iran: Rouhani a reformer or conservative Raisi 20.05.2017

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