Posted a video of the riot of the passengers in Buryatia

The transport Prosecutor’s office checks on the complaint of the 20 passengers who staged a mutiny at the airport of Ulan-Ude during the takeoff. Disgruntled passengers are outraged that the airline «Iraero» has replaced the promise of their CRJ-200 on the old An-24.

In addition, irritation of the passengers was the fact that they were offered instead of a direct flight Ulan-Ude — Khabarovsk duration of 3.5 hours to fly for almost eight hours with refuelling in Blagoveshchensk. When taxiing the plane on the runway, the passengers were afraid that from the cockpit of the aircraft supposedly went to smoke. After that 20 passengers with shouts demanded to stop the plane and refused to fly, after leaving the plane and returning back to the airport.

As reported after the arrival of the transport Prosecutor gave an angry airline passengers lunch and a hotel room. However, no information on further action by the passengers is still unknown.

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Posted a video of the riot of the passengers in Buryatia 06.08.2016

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