Portugal and Mexico will showcase attacking football

Before the start of the second match of the confederations Cup 2017 has nothing left. Literally a few minutes later, teams of Portugal and Mexico will come out on the lawn of the stadium «Kazan-arena» and start a real battle, the results of which will determine the favourite to qualify from the group A. Residents of the capital of Tatarstan extremely lucky — they came two attacking teams who are not shy to play open football. Especially in the starting lineup, the reigning Champions of Europe there are just three superstars of world level, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Ricardo Quaresma. However, even the existence of such players does not guarantee a Portuguese victory.

Mexicans traditionally go into any match with a frantic attitude. The players from Central America are ready to fight to the last, and if Guilherme Ochoa wakes up superwriter of the 2014 world Cup, the chances of the Mexicans will increase dramatically. Yes, the season from the Mexican Keeper was unimportant, but for the national team, Ochoa is always playing with renewed focus and desire, so you can expect just about anything.

And don’t forget about Chicharito, which may not apply to the stars-class, but, nevertheless, has an incredible work ethic, ability to play the point until the very end and of course a terrific scoring instinct. Sometimes the forward of the national team of Mexico leads the implementation, but we hope that today this will not happen. In this case, we get a stunning match, which has all chances to become a real decoration of the confederations Cup 2017.

Portugal and Mexico will showcase attacking football 18.06.2017

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