Poroshenko: Ukraine could lose its statehood

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said Friday that the country may lose its statehood if its citizens do not realize that a monopoly on the use of force is only the state.

«I warn those who go beyond these principles, the law and common sense that I will oppose all those who will try for the sake of Russian plant in Ukraine mess and anarchy. Will resist and conviction, and the power of law enforcement bodies», – quotes Poroshenko a press-service of the Ukrainian President.

He also added that «in today’s Ukraine, many confuse democracy with Makhnovshchina».»We lose our statehood, if everyone is not aware that a monopoly on the use of force is only the state that all protest should be exclusively peaceful nature of that addiction to weapons need to show only on the front, and the train journey should not undermine the territory of the enemy, and not in the rear of their own troops,» – said Poroshenko.

He called on all political forces in the country to incorporate in its domestic political struggle to the difficult external circumstances in which builds its «European future» of Ukraine.

«You want to fight against the President – I beg you, you and the opposition. But Ukraine not undermines, or incinerate!», – said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko: Ukraine could lose its statehood 17.03.2017

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