Poroshenko and Co. were convinced that «foreigners will help us»

That’s what makes Holy El! Day in English alcohol and Petyunya to date sight. It turns out in the Donbas there is a hot war and even shooting from real weapons. And even there are dead among the invincible, immortal cyborgs. The figure, he announced, or pose – 69 zahisnikov batk_vshchina (increase the loss need at least five times), about the wounded and can not speak. Hospital of Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk… full. About killed civilians inhabitants of Donbass with his own army, the guarantor has not dropped and the floor effect (separable, that they take).

If more recently, Poroshenko and Co. were convinced that «foreigners will help us». After signing of Minsk 1, 2 will have time to rearm’re coming out of the army, and Kiev with the help of NATO military experts will be able to purchase a «priceless» military experience in the struggle with the gate. Further quote: «none of the member States of NATO have no real experience of the battle with the Russian army. Ukraine has». Now it became clear that no weapons or europacity, and most importantly money on trench warfare (when it would be possible, even ten years to erase the Donbass to the ground artillery), to the extent that is necessary – will not. And the ranks ukrovermahta melt (Ukrainian army can not long sit on one place, becomes an inveterate drunkard). This means that in the so-called «freezing the conflict» Ukraine now needs. Here or go on the attack (lose 100%), or goodbye nurse, Hello London.

Kiev is trying to blackmail the West: either you solve our acrophobia or we are losing ground. Apparently Poprashenko has not developed a European tour. So all attempts of Kiev addressed to their masters in the West. A favorite occupation of Kiev is begging, and in the case of failure, the immediately resort to blackmail.

PS And remember the words of Peter: When I’m President, I want to become a member of the Parliament – the European Parliament. Now what he will become, rather than I think he is well aware…

Poroshenko and Co. were convinced that «foreigners will help us» 20.04.2017

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