Politicians support the nomination of Putin for President of Russia

Politicians and experts are discussing Vladimir Putin’s decision to run for President. That he raises his candidacy for the elections, the President announced the night before during a visit to Gorky automobile plant. For the Russian leader, this will be the fourth campaign.

Vladimir Putin arrived at the GAZ car plant to congratulate the company team on the anniversary. In the 85-year history of the famous enterprises has different pages. And the heyday of the Soviet era, when each new model was a huge event for the country and the difficulties of the transition period of the 90s when collapsed is not something that businesses — and entire industries. Today, the auto giant back in the ranks. And in the day of the anniversary suddenly entered another page in his chronicle, reports «TV Center».

«Really, the best place and the best occasion for the announcement about it, probably not. Thank you for your support. I’ll nominate his candidacy for the office of President of the Russian Federation. Thank you, thank you for this response, thank you for your work, first and foremost. Thank you for your attitude to your business, to enterprise, to city, to country. Sure that all of us will succeed. Thank you,» Putin said.

For Vladimir Putin this is the fourth election campaign. The experience is huge. But this time the President kept me wondering until almost the last possible period. Experts are sure that this was a deliberate calculation.

«And I think he wanted to set a political agenda to the other players commented on his position, focused on his position. In the election campaign is now over the stage of the carnival. Here is the first stage when they proposed an active, vibrant, sometimes extremely bright policy. The big game will be more calm. More responsible politicians will participate. But of course, it will have the character of a struggle for electoral niche. I mean, of course, opposition politicians,» says political analyst Dmitry Orlov.

The main intrigue was resolved, but a number of questions remain. It is yet unknown who will head the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin. This, in particular, will depend on subsequent human and political decisions. To be announced also, go Putin on elections as the independent candidate from the party «United Russia» or from the coalition parties. In the «United Russia» declare that the President’s decision was long-awaited and now is ready to support his candidacy.

«He is our leader and founder of our party. The party will certainly support. For us, this long-awaited event. And, having the most extensive network on the territory of Russia — two million party members, of course we will take an active part in the election campaign», — said the acting Secretary General Council of party «United Russia» Andrey Turchak.

The solution of social problems and the economy have been and remain the main objectives of the government. Obviously, these items will be given priority in the election program of Vladimir Putin.

Russia lives in conditions of unprecedented external pressure. Unsubstantiated claims in different spheres of economic and political sanctions. In such a situation, consider the Russian policy, the country needs a leader who can unite people and resist threats from outside.

«This news will be perceived positively by all sane people. Some, of course, upset, I think. Because some people would like to see Russia without Putin — it would be easier to talk to her, in the bad sense of the word. And here is the absolute guarantee that will continue the policy of preserving the country’s sovereignty, national security, defending the fundamental issues of the international agenda, international law and so forth,» — said the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

The powers of the incumbent President would expire on may 7 next year. New elections will be held in March. Their winner will lead Russia for another 6 years — until 2024.

Alexey Platonov, Nikita Vasilyev, «TV Center».

Politicians support the nomination of Putin for President of Russia 08.12.2017

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