Politicians comment on Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly

The message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly actively commenting policy experts, and public figures. And all of them say that the President primarily addressed to citizens of Russia, and the message as a whole focused on solving internal problems. In priority to the development of human capital.

During the announcement of the President’s address to the Federal Assembly in the St. George hall of the Kremlin was not a single free space. Invited more than 1,000 guests. Accredited for the event about six hundred journalists. And this large audience to the last had to wonder what this one will surprise Vladimir Putin. The text of the message until the announcement is kept in strict confidence, and after becoming a source of quotes, a guide to action and widely publicized, reports «TV Center».

Incredible calm, cool and collected and confident long-term planning for the future of the country, despite times of crisis. Here, in the first place, noted by those who from the beginning to the end of the hour listened to the message of the President to the Federal Assembly.

«First, this message is not for one year. This message, where the planning horizon and problem solving beyond 10 years. That is, it is somewhere in 2027. Imagine that for each question, for each priority it is a serious approach. Moreover, with the obligatory elaboration of the options in the dialogue with civil society, with expert community, with the business community. Only after that a decision will be made. Well by themselves they are, of course, a key character», — said the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Pronounced social and humanistic character. Characterizes the speech of the head of state, speaker of the Federation Council. And really, a huge part of his speech, Vladimir Putin devoted to the social development of the country. Moreover, the issues that concern ordinary citizens, were announced even before the economic unit or the problem of sanctions. First, the President spoke at length about the need to develop such as education and health, told how much money is budgeted and then on the macroeconomic indicators, the modernization of the military-industrial complex, digital economy.

«This message will calm the people, because there is an understanding of difficulties. They are not embellished. The main emphasis is that all of these difficulties, we will decide. But not at the expense of our citizens. To fulfill all social obligations to the people. And have an understanding of what to do in the short term and in the longer term,» said Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

Experts predicted that international issues will form the basis of the message, because the world situation is very difficult. About relations with other countries Vladimir Putin spoke at length in previous messages, and in that he focused on the economy. Moreover, stressing: it’s not so much in external factors, but internal problems.

A lot of attention is paid to the President matters relating to the regions and local authorities in such areas as health, education, road construction, landscaping, creation of new enterprises. Promised more autonomy in budget allocation. Provided, of course, effective their spending. The emphasis on the regions – that’s right, according to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, because it creates the economy.

«We paid attention to the development of education from the point of view of improvement of qualification of teachers. Attention was drawn to the fact that we increased the number of those wishing to enter teacher training colleges. This is no coincidence. Due to the fact that the earnings of teachers, for example, in Moscow in recent years has doubled. The same applies to health. Today, the Moscow health care demonstrates on many indicators is quite high, close to the European level. But, nevertheless, absolutely correctly set the task of training physicians. I think the tasks set by the President in the message today will find direct response and Moscow and Muscovites», — said Sobyanin.

Message from the President praised even factions of the state Duma, who consider themselves the opposition. «I’m sure today in the kitchen, who listened to the President’s message, listened very carefully and heard that the task of., the task of educating true citizens and patriots of our country, that’s priority issues. It’s actually a good challenge and homework for the deputies of the State Duma, and we will perform what the President said: to preserve our multinational people», — said the leader of «Fair Russia» Sergey Mironov.

However, for example, Gennady Zyuganov experiencing: the idea that all the good, but where to take money? The leader of the Communist party is sure that the government’s proposed budget will not allow you to implement all the plans of the President. «A very good decision training of qualified personnel. We talked about blue-collar jobs, and the engineers. Well, almost completely ruined the system, let’s revive it. The budget allocated for this purpose from 100 rubles 3 rubles 60 kopecks. For the money, as a teacher I want to say, nothing can be done. Should be at least double,» said Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

The message is not just the President’s speech. After the announcement Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions responsible for a particular task structures. Some are ahead of the curve. For example, the Bank has said it is ready to introduce new economic technologies. On Thursday, the head of state urged to run in the country’s digital economy.

Lily Akinshina, Pavel Vinokurov, Alexander Savin, Andrey Bulychev Ilya Ushakov, «TV Center».

Politicians comment on Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly 02.12.2016

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