Political profursetki from Ukraine to agree on «the Marshall Plan»

The former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius told in an interview with the news edition of «Today» that «Marshall Plan» for Ukraine will be represented at the Eastern Partnership summit in November 2017.

The politician explained that the idea of providing financial assistance to Ukraine emerged long enough, and it was even supported by such famous people as George Soros. But for a long time to provide real support was expressed only in words, but no action has been taken. Therefore, it was the turn of the Estonian presidency of the EU, the Seimas it was decided to officially document «the Marshall Plan». The initiative of the Baltic policy had the support of the EPP Congress and the United States. Everywhere acknowledged that such a tool of assistance Ukraine needs. Now the Baltic States want to convince of the need to support independent UK and Germany.

In Ukraine itself to such an initiative are treated with a large dose of positive, and the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada expressed full readiness to the adoption of this plan. This is not surprising because the situation in their state, even critical to call is already difficult – much worse. So now the Kiev authorities are ready «to be sold» for a penny, a penny and a dollar, just to keep their familiar spots.

It should be noted that the «Marshall Plan» is not something new or unusual. Similar support was provided to the United States to Europe after the Second world war. However, this plan has a double bottom. The fact that financial aid is just a smokescreen for the realization of an entirely different project and it was perfectly evident in the post-war events in Europe. Even then, America said European countries that assistance will be provided only in case if they reject cooperation with the Soviet Union and eliminate all the Communist parties. Thus, the United States with the help of money reformat the political space and gave the Soviet Union to establish its influence. Was also reoriented economic markets.

Now the EU and the US want to do the same trick. Under the guise of «Marshall Plan» and assist the Ukrainian government in fact just buy like cheap pussies, impose their policies will be put in a tough economic hook and will do anything to break the socio-political relations of Ukraine and Russia. Thus, the famous Revolution of Dignity «schenevmerlikov», which was held under the auspices of obtaining the freedoms and Association with the EU will completely lose its meaning. Square definitely cannot be called an independent state. But the Kiev government is not particularly worried, they are just happy to get money.


Political profursetki from Ukraine to agree on «the Marshall Plan» 17.06.2017

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