Political analyst: NATO is not going to «divorce» with Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to create a «new Turkey» after a failed coup attempt on Friday. But no matter how problematic were the relations of Ankara with NATO is under any worsening still fight within one house, and of no divorce speech can not go, says political analyst Karine Gevorgyan.

«Immediately after the coup attempt, erdoğan and other senior Turkish officials have made some unusually harsh statements against the United States. However, on 28 June, the speaker of US state Department Victoria Nuland said that the way it behaves Erdogan, the allies don’t arrive», — said Gevorgyan, «Reedus».

Secretary of state John Kerry on Monday, he had threatened that Turkey in the event of non-compliance with democratic norms and the rule of law will be excluded from NATO.

So anti-American statements by latter-day from the mouths of Turkish leaders did not arise out of nowhere; the ground in Turkish-American relations was already well to this point spoiled.

«But to expect that mutual throwing manure at the fan from Ankara to Washintgon and back will lead to the fact that Turkey will swing in the direction of Russia is an illusion. On the territory of Turkey is not less than 25 NATO bases, including in the Kurdish areas. Losing these bases in the territory, whose population is fighting with government troops, Erdogan means to lose even the theoretical possibility «to pacify» the Kurds,» says the analyst.

Political analyst: NATO is not going to «divorce» with Turkey 20.07.2016

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