Police dispersed with tear gas protesters in Athens

The police used tear gas against protesters in Central Athens. People took to the streets over new austerity measures.

Riots and clashes with police ended in a mass campaign of trade unions in the capital of Greece. It was directed against the government policy of «austerity», reports «TV Center».

The protesters pelted the guards with stones and bottles with an incendiary mix. In response security forces used tear gas. Two protesters were detained, one arrested. Thousands of people gathered on the eve of the rally at the national Parliament building, where MPs had to adopt a new bill of austerity measures.

It cuts salaries, pensions and benefits and increase taxes. Such restrictions requested by the European creditors to Greece receives the next tranche. Despite mass protests, the deputies by majority of votes adopted the document.

Police dispersed with tear gas protesters in Athens 19.05.2017

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