Pets are able to get rid of homesickness — the scientists

A group of scientists from Canada have found that Pets are able to rid their masters of longing for home.

A group of canadian scientists said that Pets are great helpers in the fight against the longing for home that helps people who for various reasons are forced to leave his home, reports IA «Swope».

As reported by scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada, about 90 percent of people who are forced to permanently leave their homes, fall into depression. The bulk of these people are students who are studying in other cities. According to scientists, to help to bear the separation from home able Pets.

In the context of scientific research, the group of scientists conducted a series of interesting experiments, which was attended by 200 volunteers. In the study, subjects left their homes and temporarily moved to other cities, with half of them suggested to have a pet in the new place of residence. The results are striking — their subjects in this group suffered less painful separation from home, which according to scientists was made possible thanks to pet.

Pets are able to get rid of homesickness — the scientists 10.09.2016

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