Personal protective equipment: types and characteristics

Personal protective equipment what is it?

The primary duty of any employer – ensuring a comfortable and safe working conditions to its employees. Therefore, for each enterprise there are certain rules and regulations for the use of PPE. Under this acronym are «hidden» personal use, necessary for the protection from contamination, complete prevention or reduction of influence of harmful production factors on workers.

Upon employment, each employee shall familiarize himself / herself with a mandatory list of personal protection needed to ensure safety in the workplace. The issue is made in accordance with all currently existing terms and conditions of the production process of a particular enterprise. However, the local list of PPE may be changed by the employer, if not inconsistent with the security of employees in the workplace.

Principal PPE

  • Providing protection of the skin of the skin. Include special clothes and shoes, and also means protecting the face, eyes, hands and head. In turn are divided into filtering and isolating. The first is a top garment, not breathable and linen, treated with a special protective structure, such as a soap-oil emulsion. Insulating PPE provide absolute protection of the skin and external organs from the harmful effects of external factors. Are made of materials resistant to the penetration of air, water and frost.
  • Protecting the respiratory system. As with previous kind of PPE are of two types – isolation and filter. The last before the oxygen supply in the human respiratory tract, cleanse it from impurities and thoroughly filtered. Insulating represent a closed system of breathing, pendulum, based on the use of oxygen, which is associated with chemical type or to ensure the delivery of purified air from the outside.
  • Medical. This group includes drugs and dressings and hygiene products used in the event of accidents or other emergency situations at the enterprise.

  • Personal protective equipment: types and characteristics 31.10.2017

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