«Pavarotti is not to»: trump did not understand in Italy

Avid for imagination and witty American President Donald trump has placed himself in a very awkward situation during a press conference with Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni.

Billionaire Republican began his prepared speech about what kind of achievements made Italy in art and science. In order to enrich the «examples» of his narrative, trump began to improvise, and called Opera legend Luciano Pavarotti his «great friend». Many journalists this statement stumped as Pavarotti died ten years ago, on 6 September 2007, and the context of the President sounded as though they still maintain communication.

Replica trump has caused confusion and the Italian Prime Minister. After all, the company informed the heirs of Pavarotti fully criticized the political views of a new American President and that he used the Aria Nessun Dorma in the election campaign.

«Pavarotti is not to»: trump did not understand in Italy 21.04.2017

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