Passion to believe: the deputies decided, and why someone need to lick

Live Ukrainian transmission «Right to power» on the channel «1+1» with one of them there was a curious case. The Deputy Vadim Rabinovich could not see out until the end of the broadcast, and deliberately left the Studio. Before finally «goodbye» with the participants, he appealed to the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk, who was named «stinker» and compared it with the other members of the «same cowardly» government. Leading to the remark that shouldn’t offend the Minister, Rabinovich added, «is not going to lick». In response to this, the second leading Sergey Ivanov has noticed that «if Rabinovich need be, he will lick anyone.»

The Deputy was unable to accept this remark and after a commercial break once again took the floor. He stated that once stood in the ranks of the creators of this channel and worked with very talented people. Then the level of journalism was at the height. Now all transmissions are turned into continuous abuse and injustice, where «even the Mat you can’t tell because the icon doesn’t allow». Currently, the journalism of the channel fell below the plinth.

It is believed that speech and departure from the Studio MP planned and rehearsed in advance, as, knowing that the program will be present that he disliked people, he still agreed to participate, and then «suddenly» was offended by her quality.

Passion to believe: the deputies decided, and why someone need to lick 21.04.2017

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