Opponents of Le Pen scuffled with police in Marseille

The rally opponents of the «National front» marine Le Pen ended in clashes with police.

Clashes with the police ended the rally opponents of the National front in Marseilles, reports «TV Center». About five hundred people took to the streets of the city and began to pelt police smoke bombs. To disperse the crowd police used tear gas. This happened before the last meeting with the electorate of the leader of the «right» marine Le Pen.

On Thursday, France will host the final round of debates, and Sunday will be the first round of elections. According to polls, the greatest chances of an exit in the second retain four of the 11 candidates. Leader, former economy Minister Emmanuel macron. 3% behind marine Le Pen. Third and fourth places are occupied by ex-Premier Francois Fillon and supporter of leaving the EU and NATO Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Opponents of Le Pen scuffled with police in Marseille 21.04.2017

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