Onf activists conduct raids on illegal dumps in Moscow

Raids on illegal dumps in Moscow is conducted by the activists of the popular front. Interactive map of such places is formed on the website front.

The activists of the popular front to conduct raids on illegal dumps in Moscow. The event is organized in the framework of the Federal program «General cleaning», reports «TV Center».

On the website front formed an interactive map of the places where illegally dumped waste. To report on the appearance of garbage. Then the participants of the popular front visits, gather data, and direct appeal to the environmental Prosecutor’s office.

On Thursday they checked the information about dumps on the territory of the Troparevsky landscape reserve, and under the overpass at the intersection of MKAD and Borovskoye motorway.

«In our country today, unfortunately, there is no control over the movement of debris, soil, waste. These machines can take and dump garbage anywhere. The onf hope that this project will help to remove all landfills on the territory of Russia and to prevent their formation in the future,» — said the expert of the Russian popular front Natalya Rozina.

Onf activists conduct raids on illegal dumps in Moscow 07.04.2017

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