On Sretenka in the course of excavations found the ancient necropolis and the ruins of the Church

The necropolis of XVII century and the ruins of the old Church on Sretenka was found during archaeological excavations. This street will soon begin landscaping the program «My street». But while experts of antiquities are doing here.

In the XVII century here, on Sretenka, lived gunners — gunners. Wealthy people. On their own savings built a beautiful Church. In the early twentieth century blew it with the Foundation. The occasion was the accusation, saying that the rest of the workers violates the bell ringing. After the explosion, this place was built a school.

All this is well known and historians, and archaeologists. Initially laying here communications reacted calmly, no surprises were waiting. But in the framework of the program «My street» arrived on the scene and was shocked. It turned out that the preserved part of the Foundation of the famous blasted temple. As well as the remains of the masonry of ancient shops, built by the gunners 300 years ago. To make a sensational discovery was helped by the stone of the ancient necropolis, reports «TV Center».

«They took one gravestone and put inside the masonry. She was always underground. It has never been seen. That’s why she survived,» said archaeologist Alexander Balashov.

Sloboda over the centuries repeatedly rebuilt. Survived the looting and fires. Now cultural layers opened up by the construction works, you can learn the history of Moscow.

Here it was possible to find many interesting artifacts. Furnace tile, lots of coins. From retail stores, which was erected here gunners, left utensils.

The program «My street» continues. Archaeologists excited. Every day they are waiting for new discoveries.

Olga Streltsov, Alexander Medvedev, «TV Tsentr», Moscow.

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On Sretenka in the course of excavations found the ancient necropolis and the ruins of the Church 19.05.2017

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