Olga Buzova has angered fans of the new erotic posters

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova published on his page in Instagram new photo, where she poses in sexy bodysuit. The star of «House-2» was intrigued by its subscribers, announcing the new photo shoot, images from which will be new posters for her performances.

Recently Olga Buzova increasingly published photos, which show the dignity and the figure of the singer. This time she is dressed in a revealing black bodysuit with red accents on his chest, and her bare legs barely covered with a light silk Bathrobe. Complete the look of long boots with high heels.

Most of the subscribers Buzova was delighted by the image of the girl, noting her sexuality and beauty. However, some complained in the photo that the TV presenter came out after the concert to its viewers that you have prepared for her a gift.

Also Buzova recently prefers long hair that collects in a high ponytail. Netizens made fun of a new hairstyle girls, believing that it just copies the way the new love of her ex-husband of Anastasia Kostenko. Buzova and Tarasov broke up long ago, but abandoned the girl still can not let go of a football player and never misses a chance to remember him. In his latest video for the song «People are not angels,» she burnt a wedding dress in which she married Dmitry Tarasov.

Olga Buzova has angered fans of the new erotic posters 21.04.2017

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