NYT: the national team of Russia have undergone unprecedented punishment

The national team of Russia have undergone unprecedented punishment in the history of Olympic sport. Commented on IOC decision to dismiss the Russian team from participation in the Olympics in South Korea, The New York Times. The publication notes that this decision can still be appealed to the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) in sports arbitration.

Previously, the newspaper noted that whatever decision the IOC about Russia’s participation in the upcoming South Korea Olympic games, good options he does not.

The games in Pyeongchang already raise some doubts due to the exorbitant cost, and now they may face a more significant threat to their long-term survival, writes the NYT.

The authors of the articles in the current circumstances, any decision of the IOC will either be unsatisfactory or problematic. As too small a punishment will cause further protests about the fact that the IOC is not enough seriously to curb the use of doping.

If to force the Russian athletes to compete under a neutral flag, it could lead to a boycott of the Olympic games from Russia. A lack of Russian athletes for any reason will only cause more damage to the winter Games, whose authority is already undermined by corruption and judicial scandals. Therefore, the «no Russian Olympics will not be a full-scale event in the international sport».

On Tuesday, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) took the decision to remove teams from Russia from the Olympics in South Korea.

The IOC will provide an opportunity for certain Russian athletes to compete in the neutral status, if they prove that they did not use doping.

The Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) has been disqualified by the decision of the Executive Committee. Also to all the officials from the Ministry of sports of Russia denied accreditation to the Games in Pyeongchang.

NYT: the national team of Russia have undergone unprecedented punishment 06.12.2017

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