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China is slowly but surely getting rid of the unpleasant reputation of the head kidnapper innovative ideas and inventions. Yes, in China you can still find copies of gadgets, cars, etc from other countries which can not be distinguished from the originals, but every year them becomes ever less. Meanwhile, some new Chinese IT company is not inferior in the field of innovation and development of Western competitors. This leads to the fact that in America there are copies of what had been designed or implemented in China.

Some Chinese companies have become trendsetters in new services and business models, writes the Financial Times. The reasons for this breakthrough several. Search engines Facebook, Twitter and Google are blocked in China. This Willy-nilly, forcing Chinese companies to experiment and innovate. And there is a generational factor, said derrick Xiong, head of marketing Department drone manufacturer Ehang. A new generation of businessmen who were born in the nineties of the last century, has a «global» thinking. They don’t know how hard life was for their parents, and so they have a completely different mentality, which is a little different from the mentality of their peers from America and Europe.

Chinese companies already lead in several areas of business. For example, very popular in China bikes has advantages over a similar hire in London, new York or Paris. Bicycles in China can be removed with the application on the smartphone. Another important advantage: they can take and leave everywhere. To top it all off, a lot of bicycles in China can even be tracked using GPS navigation. Leaders and innovators in the sector of hire are the companies Mobike, Ofo and Xiaoming. The Chinese wellpracticed already imitators in other countries. For example, the American company LimeBike provides similar services in California, North Carolina and Florida.

A lot of developments in China and in the field codes quick response (QR code). Users using QR can quickly rent a bike, pay in store, get information about new acquaintances or colleagues. In 2013 in the United States from QR refused, but now, moreover, is not excluded, having before him the example of China seems to have begun to change their attitude. Snapchat, for example, back QR back in 2015, and Facebook – in the present. Spotify with the help of this technology allows users to share music.

WhatsApp launched in August 2017 business accounts, following the example of Chinese rival WeChat, which have been successfully operating with the business world. The application has now more than 20 million officially registered accounts.

Great interest was caused by the purchase by Amazon in June for 13.7 billion network of shops of organic food Whole Foods. But here, the Chinese American ahead of and so at least theoretically, Amazon could borrow an idea from the leader of Chinese e-Commerce Alibaba. The Chinese giant bought the same network, but before, first Intime. and in may of this year – Lianhua. In Alibaba’s new strategy even invented a name – «new retail» that connects the physical and the real worlds and which facilitates the clients life.

Very much surpassed China and payments using mobile devices. According to iResearch, the market in China was estimated last year to 8.8 trillion dollars. Chinese tradition is to give the New year money, but now with the help of mobile devices it has gained popularity in other countries, such as India.

By the way, a guarantee that in the near future the roles will change and «steal» know-how will American companies from China and not Vice versa, is the number of graduates in mathematical, technical and engineering faculties of higher educational institutions. China on this indicator ahead of the United States 9 times. That’s a lot even with a fourfold excess of the population of China over the us.

Now copy the Chinese 07.12.2017

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