North Korea is preparing for a full war

North Korea held a mass evacuation of the population. This time it was of routine nature for training. In many cities in the night the power went off. According to Western media, Pyongyang began to fully prepare for war.

North Korea plunged into darkness. Every night during the week throughout the country, except the capital, a total blackout, said «TV Center». Western sources claim that this doctrine in the framework of the «preparation for war». The task is to work out the blackout critical facilities in the event of hostilities. But in Korea not to escalate the pre-war atmosphere. Here just live in it constantly. TV shows photos of leader Kim Jong-UN, who visits on one of the cosmetic factories. And in the capital government will organize the marathon. Moreover, every tenth participant is a foreigner. A resident of Sweden Sven Thelin not afraid to come to Pyongyang, when the Western media say that the war with Korea could begin at any moment.

«It was amazing to run through the streets of Pyongyang and see this wonderful crowd that welcomes you. I think this is amazing,» he said.

However, the North Koreans before the war, apparently ready at any time. The army never stopped training and testing of its military equipment. About svetamaksimova teachings became known in the course of the visit to South Korea Pentagon chief James Mattis. He visited the demilitarized zone on the inter-Korean border, and directly appealed to Pyongyang.

«Don’t make mistakes. Any attack on US or our allies will be reflected. Any attempt to use the North’s nuclear weapons get a massive military response that is effective and stunning,» — said the head of the American Ministry of defence.

Earlier, the US Congress received a report in which experts argue that North Korea can destroy up to 90 percent of the U.S. population. However, no direct nuclear strike. Korean missiles simply won’t reach the U.S. mainland. But Pyongyang is supposedly enough to blow up one charge over the Arctic circle to the electromagnetic pulse knocked out the entire energy system of the United States. Such horror stories appear regularly in America. The question is, can the President trump to restrain the zeal of his troops.

Sergey Psurtsev, Vladimir Khudyakov, «TV Center»

North Korea is preparing for a full war 29.10.2017

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