North Korea has responded to the threat of a US preemptive strike

The tensions between Pyongyang and Washington has increased so much that, it seems, threatens to turn into open confrontation. American warships came close to the shores of North Korea and ready to strike if North Korea will launch a new nuclear test. In response, the Republic has stated that it is not going to sit idly by in anticipation of a U.S. attack.

At a distance direct hit. Armada, as the Americans call their aircraft carrier group with flagship «Carl Vinson» has already been at the North Korean coast, reports «TV Center». Media draw the route of a long ocean crossing. If you believe the card carriers have already overcome the Korean Strait and is the gateway to the sea of Japan. To the East coast of the DPRK are literally hundreds of miles. About the seriousness of States in the Asian region have already spoken at the Pentagon and the state Department. Now a word for the President. The United States has notified its main ally in the region — Japan’s readiness to strike at North Korea. Trump is trying to influence the Chinese counterpart, calling XI Jinping’s friendly XI.

DPRK preparing for war: report «TV Center» from Pyongyang

North Korea has responded to the threat of a US preemptive strike 15.04.2017

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