Nikita Dzhigurda complained of serious condition after a fight

The infamous actor, Director and singer Nikita Dzhigurda told his fans about not feeling well because of a fight with the protection of lawyer Sergei Gorina.

Twitter of Gegard wrote that after his beating by security guards of the lawyer of the actor has been a hypertensive crisis. The high pressure prevented a scandalous person to comply with the terms of the contract and to hold meetings with singer Madonna and politician Hillary Clinton.

In previous publications Nikita Dzhigurda has provided video footage which depicted the injuries received in the brawl. Under a thick layer of makeup on his nose the actor hides the injury. In comments to the video the victim wrote: «behind the makeup could not see what Gorino shame.»

I’m a brilliant Artist
like all geniuses
I’m in front of Sky
buzz love vaginal
behind the makeup wasn’t visible
for what Gorino ashamed.

— Ja NAT-Han Bratash-G (@DZHIGURDA12) November 7, 2016.

IReactor previously reported that the chair was going to look like a man with his lawyer ex-wife Marina Anisina those who allegedly took advantage of the situation for their PR.

The attack on the artist happened in front of the courthouse. Unknown people roughly pushed back the Chair from Gorina. The victim did not take any action to fend off the raiders and he hasn’t attacked anybody.


Here is proof that I
did not beat the cheater Gorina,
and asked him to talk to me when the media until the court hearing.
You see everything…

— Ja NAT-Han Bratash-G (@DZHIGURDA12) 2 Nov 2016

Nikita Dzhigurda complained of serious condition after a fight 07.11.2016

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