Night near Petrozavodsk completely burned private house

Representatives of the emergency services of Petrozavodsk reported that in the night of Friday, may 19, in Prionezhsky district burned down a private house.

It is known that the incident occurred in the village of Pedaselga. To the fire alarm left emergency services from three nearby villages. At the moment when firefighters arrived to a call place, the house is almost completely burned. It is noted that the area of fire was about 100 square meters. As a result of a fire nobody has suffered — at the time of emergency one of the owners was not at home.

Currently, experts are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. Also it is not excluded version of arson.

Earlier, the residents of Petrozavodsk reported the scandalous incident which has shocked all citizens. Bus driver by force took away the money from the 11-year-old girl, then threw her out of public transport.

Night near Petrozavodsk completely burned private house 19.05.2017

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