New electronics «Night hunter» put in place Western counterparts

A combined propulsion Corporation rostec announced the start of flight tests of new modification of the engine 2500П on shock helicopters Mi-28NM «Night hunter». This time changes have been made to electronic components and software.

According to the representative of the Corporation, the new version of the digital engine control is created entirely of Russian components. This allowed not only to avoid the risks that arise in situations of confrontation through sanctions, but to develop a system with the features of our military helicopters.

Among the distinctive features of the new engine modification are called such as increased resistance to physical and electromagnetic damage. In addition, improvements were made to the fuel supply system during the execution of maneuvers of aerobatics that would prevent failures when overloaded. The engines VK-2500П are universal and can be applied to any of the Russian helicopters.

VK-2500 is a deep modernization of the Soviet engine TV3-117, the production of which, after the collapse of the USSR remained in Ukraine. With the purpose of localization of production of strategically important engines engineers of JSC «Klimov» has developed the VK-2500 engine from scratch, but has retained some features of the old design. This helped to create the modern helicopter engine increased power, increasing the working life almost two times. The use of Soviet design allows you to install new motor for helicopters are old designs.

New electronics «Night hunter» put in place Western counterparts 10.09.2016

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