New anti-Western coalition of China

The largest diplomatic summit 2017 will be held in Beijing on 14-15 may. It will gather, mostly friends and allies of China. The meeting is devoted to geo-strategic project «One belt and one road» (OBOR. The project to build a railway that will connect Asia, Africa and Europe. Besides roads, the building of extensive infrastructure. The cost of the ambitious project, which aims to contribute to the development of world trade, but also the influence of China on the planet, estimated at tens of billions of dollars.

Beijing highlights in the silk road Fund of 40 billion dollars. The project was created two years ago and the Asian infrastructure investment Bank (AIIB), another «brainchild» of Beijing, with a registered Fund of 50 billion dollars.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi has issued a list of summit participants. Beijing will host the leaders of 28 countries. Mainly from Asia. Of the G7 countries are expected to participate only leader of Italy, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Journalists have not waited from the head of the Chinese foreign Ministry explanations regarding the lack of representatives of Japan, South Korea and North Korea, with whom Beijing has in the different degrees of tensions. Not a word was said about the lack of leadership Australia, the great ally of the United States, on the one hand, and a major trading partner of China, on the other.

Diplomatic sources, writes Reuters report that Beijing had hoped to visit at least several Western leaders, including British Prime Minister Theresa may. Representatives of foggy Albion in Beijing will arrive, but the British government will not submit his head, and the Finance Minister Philip Hammond. High-ranking officials for important elections sends and Paris with Berlin.

Confirmed participation in the summit of Prime Ministers of Spain, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Poland, as well as the presidents of the Philippines, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Reuters emphasizes that the summit will be attended by «key allies of China»: the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun sen. To the closest friends and partners of China, who will participate in the meeting in Beijing, Reuters also reckons Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Aung San Suu Kyi, who heads several ministries, including the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Myanmar; Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and Indonesian President, Joko Widodo.

«»One belt and one road» at the moment, the most important contribution of China in the development of the planet,- said Wang Yi — proposed Project and China, but its benefits will be shared by all countries.»

In Beijing argue that the New silk road is purely economic, and that the project has no relationship to politics, he has not. However, without political irregularities, including, and due to the large number of participants still has not done. In India, for example, drew attention to the fact that the Pakistan plot, the so-called China-Pakistan economic corridor will be held on the disputed Kashmir, which is claimed by India and Pakistan.

Wang said that the Pakistani part of the project is irrelevant, at least direct to the territorial dispute between Islamabad and new Delhi has not. He also invited India to participate in OBOR.

«Indian friends told us that «One belt and one road» is a very good suggestion,» said the chief Chinese diplomat. However, in the list of participants of the Beijing summit, Prime Minister Narendra modi does not appear.

«This is a positive cooperation agreement, and we don’t want to politicize it,- said Wang to reporters who asked how in Beijing are no leaders of major Western countries.- This is a forum for economic and international cooperation, to which all pay attention that all support and in which all hope to participate.»

Of course, Beijing is unhappy that the draft, concluding, as Chinese say, mere good intentions, is perceived as not everywhere. Especially not like China that OBOR wary in the West.

The same feelings of resentment in Beijing experienced two years ago, when most Western leaders refused to participate in the big military parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second world war.

In Beijing, of course, do not want to miss an opportunity to increase its credibility in the international arena at a time when Donald trump put forward the slogan: «America first!» It is possible that the conversation will go not only about OBOR. Not coincidentally the summit will come and the leaders of such countries as Argentina and Chile, which are irrelevant to the New silk road have not.

«After coming to the White house trump all want to be friends of China» — summed up these sentiments, a senior Asian diplomats based in Beijing.

New anti-Western coalition of China 21.04.2017

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