Near Krasnoyarsk the bus tucked in the doorway of an infant

Has information about the incident, which occurred with a resident of Krasnoyarsk on Friday, September 9 at the stop «Grand» (p. Kropotkin) in the suburban bus.

A woman with a baby in hands were pressed against the doors of the bus №116. The bus driver closed the doors at that time, when a woman came out of the vehicle. Month-old baby was left outside, and the mother inside the cabin. The bus started moving.

The husband of a woman told reporters: «the Driver just got nasty and left.» Well, the woman said that the child was very scared at night he hardly slept, cried all the time.

The husband of the victim noted that this is not the first on this route. A few months ago happened like. «I made a two year old son, left the child at the bus stop and went back into the cabin for the bags. The driver closed the door. Me and wife stayed in the bus and the child was crying in the street,» said the man.

Manager of bus station «East» and from there it is sent to the bus, said that he has to this route relations and advised to contact the police. It is known that the traffic police is checking on the incident. But while the victims themselves are now engaged in tracing witnesses.

Near Krasnoyarsk the bus tucked in the doorway of an infant 10.09.2016

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