NATO feared the initiative of Putin: the Russian President took the first step

NATO feared the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the introduction in the area of military conflict in the Donbass UN peacekeepers. As reports the edition «Observer» former Secretary-General of the Alliance Anders Fogh Rasmussen in his interview to the Ukrainian edition of «UKRINFORM», said that Putin’s proposal may be a trap.

The Russian leader has taken the first step, he said and added that the proposal in the form in which it is submitted, is not necessary. Putin’s initiative will allow you to obtain a UN mandate for the «freezing» of the armed conflict, but the Alliance doesn’t intend, he said.

According to the former Secretary General of NATO, the most important would be to give an international peacekeeping force the right to control the border between Russia and Ukraine. Rasmussen believes that the only way to stop the flow of troops and equipment.

Photo source: — the press-service of the government of the Russian Federation

Instead of rejecting the proposal, the West could obtain through him a strong mandate, but it will require the consent of the Ukrainian government, Rasmussen said. According to him, European countries can play their role.

Former NATO Secretary General stressed that the initiative of the Russian President can be a trap, a kind of «Trojan horse.» Therefore, the West should consider his offer carefully and cautiously, he concluded.

The words of Rasmussen became just another interpretation of Putin’s proposal, which he announced in September 2017. The idea of peacekeepers was discussed from the first months of military confrontation in the Donbass, however, the Russian side announced it officially at the highest level for the first time.

NATO feared the initiative of Putin: the Russian President took the first step 08.12.2017

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