National Interest told why the second Korean war will turn into hell

Head of the Centre for defence studies in analytical journal The National Interest Harry Kazianis talked with a Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. armed forces, retired Daniel L. Davis, a senior researcher portal Defense Priorities. A video interview in which analysts discussed the increased tensions with North Korea, was published in Facebook.


Davis in the beginning said that the United States came face to face with the real threat posed by the DPRK. The Colonel noticed that it is imperative to act very carefully, because in the case of direct aggression of North Korea, one of the first to fall under attack Seoul. The capital of South Korea, together with suburbs it forms an agglomeration in 23 and a half million people — almost half the population of the whole Republic. Such a high density population in Seoul turns in the primary target to hit.

USA can use any weapons against the DPRK cruise missiles, bombing raids by aircraft carriers, attack ground targets with B-2 bombers, as well as to begin a ground operation — but you need to consider a response to Pyongyang’s actions. North Korea has a huge number of artillery, rocket launchers and ballistic missiles of small radius of action. So they can shoot towards the South in any direction and it will cause enormous damage, no matter where the shells fell. In the first days of may killed tens of thousands of people.

Moreover, South Korea could begin a full-scale panic, which will lead to a huge flow of refugees. And a large part of them will move in the direction of the North, where they will be shooting guards. It will be the epitome of hell on Earth. Also there will be a flow of migrants to Japan, who will try to cross the Korean Strait and the sea of Japan by any means. This will inevitably lead to numerous shipwrecks because of the overcrowding and the deaths of hundreds or even thousands of migrants that showed us the flow of refugees from the Middle East.

In this regard, the interlocutors noted that this topic should focus all media. Because these events may start very soon. And develop they will rapidly, on a large scale. Also, Kazianis pointed to the fact that the United States in any case will fail on the first strike to destroy all the nuclear warheads in North Korea. And this leads to an increased risk of use of nuclear weapons against South Korea.

Besides, Kim Jong UN simply does not remain other choice how to the end to resist. He saw what happened in Iraq and Libya. The leaders of these countries were ruthlessly executed. At the same time, Syria shows that the resistance is not so hopeless. Although no one doubts that Bashar al-Assad’s death if he decides to give up Pro-American forces. Therefore, North Korean dictator simply does not remain other variants, the US itself has driven him and myself in a hopeless situation. The simple solution to this problem is to allow the leader of North Korea an opportunity to back out.

In conclusion, analysts said that to resolve the Korean crisis, just an open dialogue. The United States should reduce the degree of tension to avoid a nuclear war. Washington has all the tools to implement this, however they are in the hands of Donald trump. So it is for President of the United States will have the last word, which can lead to the emergence of a new hell on Earth.

National Interest told why the second Korean war will turn into hell 21.04.2017

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