NASA plans to build ISS on the moon’s orbit by 2023

According to the report, employees Planetological society, by 2023 it is planned to launch a new project of the international space base in orbit of the moon.

During the meeting, NASA and representatives of the employees of space agencies of several countries (Russia, Canada, Japan, and Canada) discussed the possibility of creating a new international framework which would replace the current MKS and facilitate the development of such distant planets like Mars. This is due primarily to the fact that the operation of the existing ISS will last until the mid 2020-ies.

Representatives of the space Agency said that the construction of a new international framework will be performed using a multipurpose transport ships Orion and super-heavy rockets the SLS. This assumes that the new base will be built using innovative technology: all life support systems will be fully Autonomous, allowing the station not to depend on supplies of water and oxygen from Earth, and is also equipped with ion engines.

Currently discussing the clauses of the agreement between the participating countries. Possible terms of the beginning of works on construction of the station considered in 2017-2018. Completion of works is scheduled for 2028.


NASA plans to build ISS on the moon’s orbit by 2023 04.11.2016

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