NASA has shown that you should wear on Mars

The national aeronautic and space administration (NASA) had previously introduced a special protective suit, which known as Z-2. Despite the fact that the suit is reminiscent of his appearance in the sci-Fi genre in the 1980-ies, this design is tailored to the needs of the future. The prototype Z-2 is the second experimental model of this suit, which NASA plans to implement and to adapt for use on Mars. According to scientists, ultimately this will help researchers actively travel to the red planet, as well as to perform some work, such as drilling.

«Costume design is specially designed for where you are and what exactly they do,» said Amy Ross, space suit designer from the Space center Johnson in Houston, Texas.

One of the key features of the suit is its flexibility in the lower part. Thus, this suit allows a person to walk normally, climb, and squat, without any discomfort or restraint of movements in the joints. It should be noted that the illuminated part and its color was chosen on the basis of the result of the vote of the Internet users. However, the final version of the Z-2 will likely undergo significant changes in color. The Agency plans to launch the official release of this costume by 2018.



The life support

Costume effectively gets rid of carbon dioxide. The newest system of ventilation provides circulation of water in the suit in such a way as to prevent a threat that appeared during the journey.

Cargo Bay «Hatchback»

The costume has a special Luggage compartment in the back, calculated on the weight of 63 kg. the Main advantage is the whole structure, and not the separate location of the lower and upper segments. The back of the costume open like a «refrigerator door».


The visor of the helmet has almost panoramic viewing angle, in comparison with the rest of the astronaut suits. This, in turn, will help others to see in real time what is happening through the eyes of a person in Z-2.

The upper part of the suit

The suit has a solid top, made of light but durable composite materials. It should be noted that some of the components was created by three-dimensional printing technology.

Waist and legs

Special bearings, located in the ankle, hip, and waist costume can perform a tilting movement and to kneel to collect different samples of the investigated materials. Astronauts «Apollo», for example, had to use special equipment for these purposes, namely, tongs, garbage collection.


Shoes are a much more important part of the costume as they take on a large portion of environmental exposures during travel. They are also made of special materials which are thick and durable, which will effectively overcome the most difficult obstacles.

NASA has shown that you should wear on Mars 23.12.2016

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