NASA has published photos of this «death Star» Saturn

Automatic spacecraft «Cassini-Huygens» gave a new image of the «mysterious» death Star in the National aeronautic and space administration (NASA). Indeed, this image is reminiscent of the famous space station from the film series «Star wars.» However, the harmless death Star was the companion of Tafia (Tethys), which is one of Saturn’s moons.

«Like any other object in the Solar system, Tethys had suffered a lot of consequences. This has had an impact on the formation of the moon’s surface that we see today. A special factor in this had something to Titise there are no active processes in geological character. In this case, some collision formed the so-called crater on the surface of Saturn’s moon, which is now known as «Odyssey.» However, a subsequent rebound of the cosmic body caused the appearance of mountain peaks called Sharia Montes» — officially stated Agency NASA.

One of these captured images of a moon of Saturn was made in November from the spacecraft Cassini from a distance of 228 000 miles.

Tethys is the fifth largest satellite of Saturn and has a radius of 1062 kilometers. The average temperature is about -150 degrees Celsius.

NASA has published photos of this «death Star» Saturn 24.01.2017

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