Named the most promising profession in Russia

Leading experts of the Union of the «Young professionals» prepared and announced the top positions of the list of specialties that were most in demand in the past in the Russian qualifying Championships for professional skills among University students.

In total, the competition program consisted of 30 professional disciplines, the website of the newspaper «MK».

According to the publication, the undisputed leader on the level of demand was the major «web developer», which in our sectional Championships included just 26 universities. On the second line of preference was «entrepreneurship». This competence was introduced in the competitive programs of 22 universities. Closed the three of leaders of competence «engineering design CAD» (CAD — Computer Aided Design). It in the program of the competitions included 18 universities.

Popular and other categories «networkers». Including skills of «network and system administration», «graphic design», «information cable network».

In popularity with them can be compared only competence in the field of customer care and service, also included in the top ten: «tourism», «administration of the hotel», «restaurant service».

Thus, the era when the most popular in our country were the diplomas of lawyers and economists, came to an end. The experts in the field of IT technology, not lawyers economists as it once was in the past, are now the highest paid in our country.

This is especially noticeable in large enterprises, where salaries of it specialists senior managers is comparable to the salaries of executives. And just good professionals in this area are about 250 thousand rubles per month and even higher.

However, perhaps the most interesting thing about this study — the growth of interest in entrepreneurial activities. Business, according to the results of the study, not only ceased to frighten young Russians (as, for example, in 90-e years of the last century), but, on the contrary, is for them all the more appealing. Whatever it was, but the discipline of Entrepreneurship, giving the business skills, now more relevant than ever.

While business skills will be needed in the next 10 years. For example, the estimated Global Education Futures, by 2025, they will need a minimum of 30 % of the population. This is due to the spread of the trend of self-employment and expansion of the individual areas of responsibility within the framework of wage labor.

Named the most promising profession in Russia 05.12.2017

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