Named the most dangerous social network for mental health

The researchers admitted the social network Instagram the most dangerous from the point of view of mental health of young people, reports The Telegraph. The survey of 1,500 thousand respondents aged 14 to 24 years, which initiated the organization of The Royal Society for Public Health, it was found that the least injury brings using YouTube, followed by Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram, according to respondents, is most likely to cause user dissatisfaction with your body has a negative effect on sleep and increases the fear of missing out on important events and news.

The researchers also noted that users of social networks increases every year for symptoms of depression and anxiety, they often experience loneliness or fear to fall out of life, have trouble sleeping and excessively concerned about their appearance. And the ability to Express themselves, find like-minded people and maintain relationships with other people are reduced.

The authors of the project called the social network to inform about the negative impact of their excessive use, to teach safe use of social networks in schools, as well as to inform users who may suffer from mental illness, about the possibility to get professional support.

Today, experts say, the addiction of social networks can be compared with addiction to alcohol and tobacco and, accordingly, it should be to fight similar methods.

Named the most dangerous social network for mental health 20.05.2017

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