Named the most attractive employers in Russia

The most attractive employers for Russian specialists with higher education are «Gazprom» and Google. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by Universum, RBC reports.

Gazprom gained is 24.12% of votes, Google — 19.93% of the votes among the professionals with the business-specialization. In the top five desired employers in the sample also consists of «Gazprom Neft», «Yandex» and LUKOIL.

Specialists with higher education in the field of «engineering/science», also prefer to Gazprom, Google, «Gazprom oil», «Yandex» and LUKOIL.

Among the specialists educated in the field of it competition from Google (41,29% of the votes), second place — «Yandex» (30,95%), followed by Microsoft (of 19.92%). Also in the top five included «Gazprom» (with 15.06%) and (of 13.53%).

The respondents with arts education the most attractive employer — Google (25,80%), followed by followed by «Gazprom» and «Yandex» (19,65 and of 15.26%). The top five also included «Gazprom Neft» (of 10.57%) and IKEA (8,86%).

Desired wages when searching for a new work of the survey participants averaged 63 thousand rubles.

Named the most attractive employers in Russia 05.12.2017

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