Named the greatest threats to humanity

Scientists have compiled a list of disasters that can lead to the death of all life on Earth.

In the top 5 of the rating includes latent in space danger. The greatest threat to mankind is the Sun, since, according to scientists, the heavenly body ensures the well-being of the Earth, and any changes on star can destroy our planet, reports ToDay News Ufa.

According to the portal, in second place was the Galaxy of Andromeda. The researchers came to the conclusion that «only» five billion years it will consume the milky Way.

Closes the three main dangers threatening the Earth from space – black holes. Thus, scientists have suggested that one of them ejected a stream of plasma towards our planet will completely burn her.

The fourth likely cause of the death of the Earth scientists call the stars moving towards the earth. According to researchers, hundreds of millions of years, approaching the planet, its gravity will just tear it apart.

Rounded out the top 5 most important hazards — asteroids. Experts have suggested that destroyed once the dinosaurs of the cosmic body can play a fatal role in the fate of humanity.

Named the greatest threats to humanity 06.12.2017

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