Muscovites warned of wet snow, strong winds and snow

On the eve of the New year in Moscow came the thaw. On Wednesday morning the capital was covered with sleet that day was replaced by freezing rain. Drivers and pedestrians are urged to be careful. On the street a strong wind blowing, but because the roads rapidly formed ice. Municipal services work in the strengthened mode. Weather forecasters promise that this weather will last in the capital for more than a week.

Muscovites do not have time for the vagaries of the weather. More recently, the temperature fell below minus ten. And on Wednesday a habit dressed in fur coats, wearing winter boots. But to get to work I had puddles, reports «TV Center».

Night the capital was bound freezing rain. Cars and sidewalks were covered with a thick glass cork. Kept at this rink is not easy, the wind gusts reached 17 meters per second. To remove the snow, or rather to scrape the ice out 180 persons and 65 units of equipment.

Towards the morning the temperature crossed the zero threshold. But the field is still frosty. Capital airport had to cancel about 30 flights, many more delayed. To work by public transport, the weather is not affected, but the metro just in case was transferred to the strengthened mode. Especially that winter is coming once again take the capital in a strong embrace on the roads will freeze. And here special care will have to be the capital’s motorists.

«Special attention should be paid to traffic on overpasses, bridges and overpasses because these areas are more likely to experience icy conditions», — said the employee of Department of traffic police in Moscow Olesya Grachev.

You should be careful and pedestrians. And maybe even to stock up on umbrellas. Toward evening promised rain. Blame the humid Atlantic cyclone, which will linger over the capital until at least the end of the week.

December 21 will be the shortest day of the year – it will last just seven hours. It will be followed by the long and frosty night. So in the morning will have to re-release the machine from its icy captivity. But closer to the New year the weather gets more comfortable and in the holiday, weather forecasters promise almost magical snowfall.

Anna Peshekhonov, Alexander Savin. «TV Center».

Muscovites warned of wet snow, strong winds and snow 22.12.2016

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