Moscow the program of renovation has become an international project

In Moscow ended with the vote of the residents in the renovation programme. On Saturday, the town hall announced the results. The vast majority — 90% — «for». However, homes that are in the project declined to participate – is also there, and they will not touch anybody. In General, the renovation is already out to a whole new level. From let and big, but the city idea, turned into a project of international importance.

The building of the state Duma was surrounded. People with placards like competed for the right to be heard, said «TV Center». Will endure against the will, whether will include in the program, what will the new housing and where. Wednesday brought clarity to all concerned. The law on the renovation adopted by the state Duma in the third reading.

«Dear colleagues, the Federal law was passed, «for» – 399 «against» – 2, «abstained» – 1″, — declared in GD.

The law was approved, representatives of all four factions of the state Duma. Some insisted on replicating the experience nationwide. Vladimir Zhirinovsky in his usual manner called the renovation «the great migration» and urged the public to use.

«The mayor, that is to say, – well done. It’s good to give the Muscovites of apartments in new buildings. This has never happened. Maybe it’s his ever awarded. But, there is some risk for those citizens who do not want to participate in the program. In 10-15 years will be no money for new apartments. And the house is in disrepair. And they will travel to Kaluga oblast. Will have to go. Otherwise be homeless. You have to think ahead. Today there is money, there are builders. After 15-20 years another mayor, another President, other money. No one will engage! Can, in General, the capital would be in another place,» — said Zhirinovsky.

The text of the law on the renovation of the housing stock has transferred 130 of the amendments and the final version took into account all constructive suggestions. To participate in the program will allow the house nine floors, built according to standard projects from 1957 to 1968. As well as similar mnogocwetnye houses in which more than two-thirds of residents want the housewarming. Living and total area is not less than the number of bedrooms will remain. Living in communal apartments will receive a separate housing. Not yet signed the first agreement on the right of ownership for new housing, from the program can go.

«The main issue is protecting the rights of citizens as never stands at the head of the corner. The guarantees supplied by the Federal legislator, those guarantees, which took the deputies of the MHD a special law, they ensure a citizen’s right to private property, they offer at least several options as part of the renovation,» — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Commission on the development of social infrastructure, local government and housing in the Public chamber of Russia Artem Kiryanov.

The apartment owners will be able to choose equivalent or equivalent housing. Either they will offer monetary compensation. Moreover, owners will not be evicted from the old apartment until you pass the new. To participate in the renovation programme, only those houses which inhabitants will vote «for» inclusion in the list before the signing of the law by the President. About consistency and timeliness of the program, during a straight line said Vladimir Putin.

«We are talking about housing in Moscow, which in 10-15 years will become an emergency shelter. And Moscow will receive the same amount of trouble as in many other regions. And if that time does not begin to do, then we are faced with the problem that will be very difficult to solve. And maybe even impossible, and really then people will start to suffer. We get the problem in the center of Moscow. Moreover, large-scale nature. You need to do everything in a timely manner. But once again I want to emphasize. I hope that everything will be done in the framework of the law, and taking into account the specific interests of people», — Putin said.

The head of state instructed the mayor to monitor implementation of and compliance with the interests of the citizens, first and foremost their property rights. Sergei Sobyanin responded the same day, in his Twitter account.

«I will personally supervise complex and very important project of renovation and to answer to the citizens and the President for its execution,» wrote the mayor.

From the very beginning the city has developed a program of renovation has sparked controversy and debate. Appeared ardent opponents who continue to insist that the vote violates the rights of the minority. However, experts say that any apartment building from a legal point of view is a condominium in which all decisions are taken by a majority of owners. It is a worldwide practice. On this principle, by the way, during his «straight line» drew the attention of the President.

«There are such houses, where the majority of residents do not want to participate in this program. I do not want, so force by force, to drag into this program, it is impossible. But where the vast majority speaks «for» those who believe that this should not be done, well, must respect the majority opinion. I repeat: if their rights and legitimate interests», — Putin said.

The mayor of the capital all the time while around renovation lances were broken, and carrying on rallies, had withstood a barrage of criticism and attacks, simultaneously giving an interview, convinced of the necessity of the program, explaining her motives. And on Saturday at the opening of the Civil forum appreciate the situation preceding the adoption of the law.

«The level of development of civil society, the shaping of legislation at the Federal level have determined a completely different scale and degree of discussion around this problem. This discussion of specific problems of a specific city, I think that the country is not yet known. It is almost impossible to find a single Muscovite, who would not know about this program. And has not formulated an opinion about it», — said Sobyanin.

About the role a broad discussion of the project say the scientists. This process, though it is difficult, and sometimes painful, are necessary to search for compromise, for understanding between civil society and government.

«It was a lot of discussion, especially in the first stage, when the Muscovites did not quite understand the essence and meaning of the renovation program. Were not informed of the degree. But today we see that through the combined efforts of MPs and members of the public and residents, a consensus was found. Complex issues, bottlenecks removed,» — said Artem Kiryanov.

June 15, voting in the «Active citizen» and «My documents» ended. However, to think Muscovites were given another month. And before 15 July extended the period of holding of General meetings. However, preliminary results are already announced.

The entry into a program of renovation was made by the inhabitants of 464 houses. How to vote for others, said the head of the Moscow Department of information policy.

«2,312 homes – these are homes where «for» voted more than 90%. 80 to 90% in 1161 house. 600 homes from two-thirds to 80% of the vote,» — said Artem Ermolaev.

The votes still go through a verification procedure. Meanwhile, large-scale renovation project is already running. To design a new urban environment will, in particular, the masters of world-class architecture. Sergei Sobyanin has met with a representative of the Swiss office Herzog & de Meuron and British architects Foster+partners. They have thousands of facilities around the globe, and, most importantly, the principle of: «Quality homes – quality of life of the people.» Now this principle will be realized in the Russian capital.

Anastasia Martynova, Matvey Shestakov, Eugene Brown, «TV Center»

Moscow the program of renovation has become an international project 18.06.2017

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