Moscow students were the best in the world readers version of the PIRLS

International organization of PIRLS, exploring the quality of reading and comprehension of text among younger students from different countries of the world, published the results of the testing conducted in 2016. A landslide victory in it was gained by the pupils of 4 classes of Russia. Just participating in the study took 50 countries.

It is noteworthy that a significant contribution to the General success have brought the schoolchildren of Moscow. The capital for the first time took part in the testing not only within the country but also as a separate town, which allowed us to compare the indicators with the major cities of the planet.

It turned out that in the Russian capital the students of the fourth class the best in the world cope with the reading texts, memorization, and understanding. They were able not only to read all the text of the task, but also gave detailed answers on them. In the test PIRLS young Muscovites scored 618 points, despite the fact that the average of all participants in the program countries was 500 points.

It is worth noting that for the first time Russia joined in PIRLS in 2001. Then she took only the 16th place, and in 2011 – already the second. Thanks to the participation of Moscow not only in command but also in the individual event today, you can clearly see, what allows the Russian schools to develop rapidly. This period coincides with the beginning of the government of the capital of the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, the deserved teacher of Russia Isaak Kalina.

The position of head of the Moscow Department of education, he has introduced many innovations that today are distributed to all schools in the country. In particular, Kalina called for increased study in secondary schools of technical Sciences, the knowledge of which should be the key advantage of Russian graduates. He also initiated changes in school funding, forcing the administration to be competitive, which has led to an increase in the quality of education provided.

So, in one of his interviews, Kalina said: «We are trying to get the Moscow school was not a tunnel but was vyletni multilane highway. Only in this case the student will be able if necessary to switch from one lane to another, without getting off the road. It is very difficult to explain, even harder to do, especially because adults are easier to work with children if they are packaged in different boxes, one with mathematics, in other writers, etc. of Thousands of people who were once parents squeezed into the tunnel they perceived abilities, and then bursting suddenly began to manifest itself in completely different areas.»

And, as shown by the PIRLS test, this approach gave a result which not only improved the system of Russian primary education, but did her best in the world.

Moscow students were the best in the world readers version of the PIRLS 06.12.2017

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