Moscow is ready to exchange on Yaroshenko convicted in Russia of Americans

Moscow is ready to exchange convicted in the U.S. of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko convicted in Russia of U.S. citizens. On Wednesday, August 3, the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to the answer of presidential administration of Russia to appeal for the pilot’s mother Lyubov Yaroshenko.

According to the newspaper, the Russian authorities have invited colleagues from the United States to exchange on 13 Yaroshenko convicted in Russia of the Americans. It is noted that three U.S. citizen has filed an application to transfer to America.

«Now in Russian prisons there are 13 of US citizens, three of whom, including the American citizen Gennady Klotsman, who was convicted in Russia in December 2011 for 10 years, have applied for transfer to the U.S. under the Convention of the Council of Europe 1983», — the document says.

U.S. authorities had been notified of the proposal on the exchange of prisoners, but until now White house reaction was negative.

Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko serving a 20-year sentence in an American prison on charges of conspiracy to smuggle drugs. The US intelligence services kidnapped him from Liberia, where he was arrested in may 2010.

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Moscow is ready to exchange on Yaroshenko convicted in Russia of Americans 04.08.2016

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