Moscow has warned Ottawa about the canadian implications of the Magnitsky act

Russia considers openly unfriendly step by the solution to Ottawa to support the canadian version of the American «Magnitsky act». In Moscow noted that the approval in Canada, this law will damage relations with Russia. As a result, will lose itself in Canada, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the support from Ottawa, the canadian version of the American «Magnitsky act», which could be considered in Parliament.

«We have to warn the official Ottawa that we believe the active support of the canadian version of the American «law name of Sergei Magnitsky» in which Russia is trying to present a frivolous human rights complaint, another openly unfriendly step. If approved by the Parliament of Canada the legislative sanction of an act of relations between our countries, already experiencing not the best times, will suffer significant damage,» — said on Smolensk square.

Also the Russian foreign Ministry believe that Canada will lose out. Moscow is convinced that the canadian authorities, «following the lead of partisan leaders such as the British financial fraudster William Browder, is the development of mutually beneficial cooperation, including in the economic sphere and the development of the Arctic, and they prefer to isolate themselves from Russia.»

«In Ottawa, of course, free to do as they please, but it’s short-sighted policy», — reads the statement of the MFA of Russia.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland said that the government supports the adoption of a canadian version of American «Act on the rule of law and accountability name of Sergei Magnitsky». Prior to that, in the course of the parliamentary election campaign of 2015 Freeland promised voters that the Liberal party, which it is a member, will make every effort to take the canadian version of the «Magnitsky Act», reports TASS. It has repeatedly expressed its strict position on the accession of Crimea to Russia.

In 2012, the U.S. government adopted the so-called «Magnitsky act». It involves the use of sanctions against officials of Russia, which Washington considers guilty of violating human rights. Russia for its part has repeatedly urged the United States not to politicize this case.

Moscow has warned Ottawa about the canadian implications of the Magnitsky act 19.05.2017

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