Moscow deployed active construction of new ring metro line

In Moscow continues the construction of the second ring metro, which, after the ICC, should help to lessen the load on other lines. To the city Day will be launched the first five stations. They are almost ready, but work is being done at other facilities. One of them, in the East of the capital, on Monday visited the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. He inspected the construction site of the future station «Lefortovo».

Metro station «Lefortovo» — intermediate, on the stretch between the blue and yellow lines of the Moscow subway. From the «Elektrozavodskaya» to «Aviamotornaya» is a key section of the Third Interchange circuit. This line will be the longest in Moscow — more than 60 kilometers, reports «TV Center».

The construction of the North-Eastern section is in difficult conditions of dense urban development. Maryina Roshcha, Sokolniki, Basmanny, Sokolinaya Gora and Lefortovo is the densely populated historical district of Moscow. On the surface fenced in a relatively compact area. The main work is done underground.

«It (the project for the removal of the nets at this station — approx. ed.) is implemented at 90%. Of, most importantly, areas of excavation, all the networks made that allows builders to go down quietly, pin, pit, well, in a short time proceed directly to the main structure of metro station «Lefortovo», — noted Deputy chief engineer construction contractor company Sergey Borisenko.

The walls of the well, passing under the ground for tens of meters, reinforced with massive steel beams. The language of the builders, is dismantling the camera. The finish point for two teleprocessing shields. One of the cars that builders traditionally referred to a female name «Anastasia» to the end of the route there are only nine meters. Her sister, twin «Almira» — a little more — 50! After laying two tunnels from the «Elektrozavodskaya», the machine will go to the South, in the direction «Nizhny Novgorod». At the time, like in Lefortovo, will begin the construction directly to the passenger terminal station. While work on all construction sections of the Third interchange circuit is being carried on simultaneously. In operation of the new station is administered as soon as available.

«Today, the construction site is 25 kilometers, in the active phase of construction. Total construction time just ring — up to 20-th, 21-th year. This year are the first underground ring from the «Business center» to «Petrovsky Park». Well, I hope that next year this area will also be built», — said the mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

The Eastern part of the second underground rings in the capital metro transportation jumper between the radial lines of the subway, but the attachment point is a new branch, Kozhukhovsky. Its construction is really faster pace. Moreover, the movement of trains on a site from Nekrasovka to Kosino may be launching in the next year. And this is only part of a large-scale project on construction of the Third interchange circuit.

«31 station, which will connect between the radial lines of the railroad suburb. 10-20% will unload these lines will be connected by the transverse ligaments in many areas of Moscow. And give the possibility to connect the new radial direction», — said Sergey Sobyanin.

The completion of the commissioning of all stations on the Third interchange circuit will allow passengers to reduce time on the road. This is especially true of the inhabitants of the annexed territories. In city center they will be able to get two to three times faster.

Andrey Sidorenko, Vladimir Chernykh, Aleksandr Terentyev, «TV Center».

Moscow deployed active construction of new ring metro line 20.06.2017

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