Moscow decorated for the New year

Hundred of thousands volleys of fireworks will be given in Moscow on new year’s night. Fireworks can be seen in 19 parks. Including Gorky Park and garden «Hermitage». The first shots are scheduled for the morning, when the New year begins throughout the country. And while Moscow decorated for the holiday.

Something more than serious. It took me a year to consider all the details and choose the theme of the Christmas holidays. It sounds like Moscow theatre. This means solemn, sparkling and a little mysterious. The main symbol which will unite all public objects — a mask that passes the «TV Center».

In fairy tales and movies, this usually involved the magical elves of Santa Claus, but in our city, alas, does not exist, but there is a whole army of artists, designers and engineers are creating in the capital of the Christmas atmosphere.

«The symbol of theater is the mask is a tradition of the Venice theatre, so we use masks to decorate and Christmas trees, and the mask will be as an element of style in all the elements of decoration of the city», — said Elena Zaitseva.

A variety of masks will decorate the main streets, squares, to show off the posters and, of course, will appear on Christmas trees. By the way, wild beauties, which will be installed in Moscow this year will be different from all previous ones. First and foremost, size. And this is no accident.

«We want to create an atmosphere of comfort, home holiday, so there are no global trees», — said Elena Zaitseva.

Miles of fairy lights, led decorations, colored lights — the capital city at night is gorgeous. The engineers thought of everything. No bulb will not burn out.

Celebration venues will appear in the center and on the outskirts of the city. So take a walk and enjoy the new year Moscow will be in each area. Moreover, that will definitely be something to do — chalets, ice slides, photo zone and of course master classes. New this year — a glass-blowing workshop, where everyone can own hands to make a Christmas toy.

Elizabeth homeland, «TV Center».

Moscow decorated for the New year 06.12.2017

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