Moscow authorities have promised to demolish the temple, came under renovation

5177 houses were in a program of renovation of the five-story building. The final list was approved this week. It additionally included 37 houses, 4 was, on the contrary, are excluded at the request of local residents. However, no incidents there has not been. The list included the renovation and construction of the Marxist street. The house was a story — how to bear?

Included in the program of renovation of the house on the street Marxist, at first glance, really requires a serious overhaul. But the historian Vera Anisimova proposes to assess not old facade and to peer into the very architecture, reports «TV Center».

Emerges from beneath the red plaster bricks and semi-circular contours are all that remains of the Church altar. Originally this house was the old believer Church. It was built before the revolution on the model of the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. And in the mid 30’s was rebuilt, hiding under a typical kitchen.

Where was the entrance, now the second floor and a balcony. Now this is the usual entrance. Previously, this path led to the bell tower — temple was crowned with five domes. As a reminder since there was only the Church vaults. But beneath has long been a domestic bustle of the hostel. In the 35th house gave the plant «stankolit».

The inclusion of the former old believer Church in a program of renovation almost caused a public commotion. Many are talking about the demolition of the house — in theory, because the mechanism in the resettlement of residents. That’s just the building itself — the object of cultural heritage. In Mosarchitecture hastened to reassure.

«The people that voted for inclusion in the program of the renovation,respectively, will be settled, and the house, because it is the revealed object of cultural heritage, in accordance with the legislation on the protection of cultural heritage was to be maintained. His fate will be determined on the basis of whether the house adapted for modern use of the territory», — said the Chairman of the Committee for architecture and urban development Yuliana Knyazhevskaya.

Historian Vera Anisimova says that the Church can recover completely. In the attic allegedly even preserved the base of all five domes. And many icons gathered in these sacred walls, are now stored in the vaults of the Tretyakov gallery. Thus, the renovation has helped to speed up the process of reconstruction of cultural objects.

«In the framework of this program the city’s position was the same: no building possessing architectural interest, or of any historical and cultural value should not be demolished,» — said the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov.

In Moscow’s Department intend to give the building historical status of the monument. Meanwhile, the residents have gradually packing up. However, the icons are still left on the back stairs — where was once the altar. And I hope that moving to a new apartment, will come to my old house, but only in order to pray.

Boris Ivanin, Alexander Kozlikin, Oleg Lapshov, Artem Rasskaziki, «TV Center».


Moscow authorities have promised to demolish the temple, came under renovation 08.10.2017

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