More than gold: in Russia found an ancient field

Rostov region holds many resources, including gas, iron ore, phosphates, sandstones, coal, and other minerals. Not so long ago, their list has replenished with one more very valuable field.

Note that prospective locations for hydrocarbon production are not only in the interior of the Rostov region and the Krasnodar Krai. According to the press service of the holding «Rosgeologiya» the Deposit was discovered in the South of Rostov region. It is noted that it was formed about 66 million years ago, during the late Mesozoic — early Cenozoic. Estimated resources amounts to tens of millions of tons.

The experts did not specify exactly which hydrocarbon reserves are stored in the bowels of the Rostov land. But considering the fact that they are measured in tons, not cubic meters, then it is most likely about oil.

More than gold: in Russia found an ancient field 19.05.2017

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