More than 125 thousand passengers transported compensatory buses over the weekend

In the South-East of the capital continues the construction of a new subway line, Kozhukhovsky, so the station «Lermontovsky Avenue», «Zhulebino» and «Kotelniki» temporarily closed. While work proceeds, for the convenience of passengers running free buses. Over the weekend they have used more than 100 thousand citizens. On a weekday this figure will increase at least twice. Motorists are asked not to travel on dedicated lanes and not interfere with the buses.

Metro station «Vykhino» and «Kuzminki» Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line that’s already the third day take an extra flow of passengers. To reach the center of Moscow, located in the Eastern districts, until November 4, you can only use ground transportation, transfers «TV Center».

Just over the weekend, additional buses series «M» transported more than 125 thousand people. Center of traffic organization temporarily changed the traffic pattern for vehicles. From 6:30 to 21:30 is completely blocked by the congresses from MKAD on Lermontov, Ryazan and Volgograd prospectuses. To the movement of additional buses in the dedicated lanes. Changed the schedule of suburban electric trains of the Kazan direction.

«In connection with the closing section of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow metro commuter trains of the Kazan direction will pass the railway station «Vykhino» without stopping. The distribution of passenger traffic is necessary in order to avoid excessive congestion at the metro station «Vykhino», — said the head of Department on public relations of the Central suburban passenger company Ivan Ostashko.

The reason closed station «Lermontovsky Avenue», «Zhulebino» and «Kotelniki» — the key stage of construction of the new line of the Moscow metro.

At the construction site of metro station «Kosino» work is being done around the clock. Here is the construction of a major transport interchange hub. For passengers will be available not only with two stations, subways, but also commuter trains and dozens of bus routes.

The main work is done underground. Builders equip technological facilities, preparing for the installation of engineering systems and escalators.

Kozhukhovskaya line is from eight stations. From «Aviamotornaya» to «Topics». On the urban scheme of high-speed transport will be a new color. Nearly 18 kilometers of tunnels are laid in dense areas. The line has a few hubs and will be available to passengers in the following season.

«The goal to go in 2018 with passengers. For us this is a very important branch. A lot of technological difficulties. There is a new subject for us, absolutely, that we for the first time on this site go 10 shields, which will simultaneously host two trains. So is the rolling of new technologies», — said Deputy mayor for urban policy Marat Khusnullin.

Tunnel one, but to drive on it at once two trains. This method of construction of a subway called «Spanish». It is cheaper than traditional Moscow — dvukhtochechnoi and used for the first time. The tunneling machine under the name «Lily» is moving towards the center at a speed of 700 meters per month. One of the key stages of construction — crossing with the existing subway line. The tunnel will pass under the existing just three metres.

«At the moment we have reached a dangerous phase, so to speak. Under the existing tunnels will do the penetration. To ensure the safety of passengers, and the safety of existing tunnels, an elaborate series of events», — said the Deputy chief engineer of the contractor albert Khabibulin.

The designers claim that the launch of the Kozhukhovskaya metro line to the transport system of Moscow is a significant event. All the densely populated South-East of the metropolis and the nearest Moscow suburbs in the next year will receive a new passenger artery with high bandwidth.

Andriy Sydorenko, Yury Timoshin, Pavel Skvortsov, «TV Center».

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More than 125 thousand passengers transported compensatory buses over the weekend 30.10.2017

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