Mobile service aid to the homeless all day

On the threshold of winter, and the mobile service for homeless citizens operates in a special mode — non-stop. Will help all who remained without a roof over your head will provide clothing and hot food, will assist health and even employment. Of course, if he’s homeless ready to change your life.

With the onset of cold weather social patrol work in the strengthened mode. Each morning, mobile teams travel to RAID on those places in town where you can find street vagrants, reports «TV Center».

In those days, homeless people usually get warmth in the underground passages, metro stations. Lyudmila chlenova a doctor by profession, now retired and now in its third year helping people without a certain residence. By experience knows that the help they are reluctant with caution. So they passed a medical examination, ate, just drank hot tea, they have to be persuaded as children.

Many come to the points of heating themselves. In fact, since the fall, they are open in the city around the clock. In addition, the homeless are offered shelter and in the centers of social adaptation. Conditions are almost the sanatorium. Three meals a day, medical care. But here, oddly enough, homeless people quickly run away to the street. A matter of habit — they say social workers.

«Who are morally stronger, they can get out of the situation, to call relatives. Ten days, a month, a week, two weeks, two months — it is very difficult for the person to pick up from the street, he begins to get used to this lifestyle», — told the social worker.

Runaway Teens, single pensioners, those who lost the documents — that the bulk of social patrol. All social workers are ready to render legal assistance to find relatives, to restore the passport. Those who are unable to return home, looking for piece work to pay for a return ticket.

Social workers say that it often receives complaints from residents of homes, in stairwells where we spend the night homeless. About such cases it is better to inform-hour hotline social patrol.

Julia Stepina, Andrew Fires, «TV Tsentr», Moscow.

Mobile service aid to the homeless all day 29.10.2016

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