Melee democracy: how Saakashvili’s supporters recaptured the policy at SBU and staged a rally in Kiev

Employees of SBU detained the leader of the new forces of Mikhail Saakashvili. They took him down from the roof of Kiev vosmietazhki where the politician climbed up, trying to protest against the search, which the law enforcement officers conducted in his apartment. The ex-Governor of Odessa region accused of anti-government activities and links c environment the former President of Ukraine Yanukovych. Saakashvili’s supporters blocked the car of the SBU with detainees, got it out and headed in the direction of the Verkhovna Rada. The Kremlin said that «watching with interest» developments.

The former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili climbed on the roof of an eight-story building and threatened to jump down. So the politician responded to a search in his apartment by officers of the SBU.

As a result, the security forces detained the leader of the Ukrainian Movement new forces directly into the roof. Video of the arrest posted on his page in social network Facebook, the representative of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vladislav Kutsenko.

As reported, the search was carried out to obtain information on sources of financing of protest actions Saakashvili in Ukraine, which, according to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office, organized, people from the former circle of former President Viktor Yanukovych.

The Prosecutor’s office said that have audio and video recordings, which prove the receipt of money by Mikhail Saakashvili from the businessman Sergey Kurchenko. The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak did not rule out that the opposition politician may be charged other charges.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the former Governor of the Odessa region, Nazar Kulchytsky said that he does not know what is the reason for the detention of his ward.

«While none of the lawyers do not know (in the framework of the case hold Saakashvili. — RT). So now we all (lawyers. — RT) going to the attorney General. So far, nobody knows anything,» said kulczycki.

Earlier, the SBU said that he suspects the policy of «aiding criminal organizations and concealment of their criminal activity».

Protest activists

Simultaneously with the RAID on the apartment of Mikhail Saakashvili at his house was held a rally of supporters. The crowd of protesters with a dense ring have surrounded the building and tried at first not to admit, and then not to release the SBU.

One of the activists climbed the wall of a building and threatened to self-immolation.

The audience had chanted: «Kyiv, get up!», «Will Mike!», «Freedom Of Saakashvili!», «Poroshenko — under court!», «Impeachment!». There were calls to go on major urban highways and block traffic.

When the staff of SBU withdrew the ex-Governor of Odessa region from the home and put in a police car, the crowd tried to block their way. One of the supporters of Saakashvili threw eggs at security forces surrounded the car.

Foreign journalist Christopher Miller posted photos of what is happening in his microblog Twitter.

As reported by people’s Deputy of Ukraine Svetlana zalischuk, activists struck the wheel of the van, where Ukrainian law enforcers tried to take the detainee.

«Several police and special forces trying to smuggle him across the street three saints in the van. They were surrounded by hundreds of people and blocked the street on both sides, blocking any movement. Someone of the activists struck the wheels of a van,» wrote Zalischuk on his page in Facebook.

After the arrest of Saakashvili rally outside his house continued. Between police and activists who tried to rescue their leader from the car, started the brawl. In the end, the police used tear gas. To help the security forces was sent about a hundred soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine. Nevertheless, supporters of the ex-Governor managed to crack the back door of the van SBU and release policy.

Saakashvili’s supporters surrounded him and pushed through the crowd. The politician raised his hand and showed the audience wearing handcuffs on him. Later on the official page in Facebook the former Governor of the Odessa region issued a statement which stated that his address was put forth false accusations.

«Statement of the attorney General is a blatant lie to discredit Saakashvili and the whole protest movement in Ukraine. Saakashvili predicted such a scenario and warned that the government is preparing falsified evidence to start a criminal case by order of Poroshenko,» — he wrote.

After the liberation Saakashvili urged the audience to go to the Parliament building. On the way to the Parliament building, the protesters shouted slogans demanding the impeachment of the President of Ukraine.

Politician invited his followers «to join the peaceful protest» and demands «to get rid of Poroshenko, his gang and all the oligarchs.»

«Paid extras»

The Kremlin said that «watching with interest» what is happening in Ukraine.

«Once again, Kiev is surprising, once again surprised by Saakashvili. From eating tie before climbing onto the roof he was done a certain way in politics. The journey was arduous,» said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

A rally was organized at the house of a leader of the Ukrainian Movement new forces, paid for, and the actions of the participants of the protest action say that it involves civil society activists, not professionals, said political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

«Walks him extras (not highly paid), which has literally rolled up to organized gangs. Although the Ukrainian media call them civil society activists,» Dudchak said in an interview with RT.

According to him, the trick Saakashvili on the roof of a multistory building is consistent with the scandalous image of a politician. But it is unlikely the former President of Georgia really had intended to jump down.

«Like eating tie this behavior to Saakashvili’s fine. He is a man of nerve, with mobile psyche. But to the suicide case is unlikely to be reached, because it is the most developed of the senses is self — preservation. Therefore, to scare (in a hysterical manner), he could, but waited, when it will stop,» — said the expert.

«Political terror»

According to the leader of the Ukrainian party «Fatherland» Yulia Tymoshenko, SBU spent detention, and the act of political terror, such methods have become commonplace in Ukraine.

«Nobody has the right to carry out mass repression in the eyes of the world and to carry out the massacre of ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. It is a political terror, which has become the face of Ukraine», — said Tymoshenko.

She compared the actions of law enforcement with political violence, because, in her words, «they rushed to him (Saakashvili. — RT) in the dwelling, not permitting lawyers, avoiding people’s deputies,» and provoked the leader of the Ukrainian Movement of new forces to take extreme measures.

«Forced the President to go on the roof of the house… Sorry, Georgia (and it would be nice to Ukraine). And forced on the eyes of the civilized world to jump down to protest against political violence», — said Tymoshenko, speaking in Parliament on Tuesday.

Just another view of the incident, the interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

«Any conflict has the only legitimate solution. Until the court decision, everything that happens will not find solutions. Saakashvili is obliged to obey the law, pass legal procedure and answer the charges, and not to provoke the blood and clashes,» — wrote he in his Twitter.

Melee democracy: how Saakashvili’s supporters recaptured the policy at SBU and staged a rally in Kiev 06.12.2017

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