Medvedev: the economy failed to stop

The downturn in the Russian economy failed to stop, said at a meeting of the expanded Board of the Ministry of Finance Dmitry Medvedev. According to the Prime Minister, this was the main achievement in the past year.

Medvedev noted that the recession could not be avoided, but it was short-lived, and in the fourth quarter of last year began the restoration of economic growth. As reported by «TV Center», the head of the Cabinet of Ministers identified the main challenges for the Ministry of Finance for the current year. Among them, the conduct of fiscal policy to reduce inflation and the independence of the Russian economy on oil prices. The Prime Minister stressed that it is impossible to forget about social obligations that we must fulfill in full.

«It is important not only to quickly and effectively Fund projects, but also to continue the correct setting of the tax system and abolish ineffective benefits, on the one hand, and with another – to consider the introduction of new economic incentives, to improve administration, reduce the administrative burden on business. This task remains unchanged. Need to see what kind of support necessary to the regions this year. If necessary, we will provide», — said the Prime Minister.

Medvedev: the economy failed to stop 21.04.2017

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