Medvedev responded to the criticism of the government in the state Duma

The economy has become one of the key themes of the annual report on the work of the government over the past year. With the report before deputies of the state Duma was made by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to the head of the Cabinet, despite external pressure, the situation in the country stabiliziruemost, reduced inflation and unemployment.

For the government of Dmitry Medvedev’s first report to the State Duma of the new seventh convocation, said «TV Center». This year the format of the event slightly different. At the beginning of the meeting with the deputies, Medvedev noted: the introductory words will be less, answer more questions. Previously, the regulations were supposed to be three questions from each faction, now five. This may indicate the desire to strengthen cooperation between the government and the Parliament.

Dmitry Medvedev in the beginning of his speech praised the new composition of the State Duma: the work involved immediately. The Prime Minister, being both Chairman of «United Russia» celebrated in autumn in the parliamentary elections the people most of the votes were given for the ruling party, preferring thus stability. And at the same time voted for development. To a better life. And that success has become the norm in the country. Now, according to Medvedev, time to fulfill the promises and to satisfy the demands of society.

«I am confident that this will continue in the upcoming presidential campaign. The fight will be serious. But we never turned a political struggle into a war, and do not intend to. We understand that today we have difficulties enough, and if we spend more time on populism, on speculation, to inflate the empty conflict, it will benefit only those who are unlikely to care how to live in Russia, those who want to isolate and weaken our country,» — said the Prime Minister.

The last few years were not easy. And 2016 is no exception: sanctions, low oil prices, the regime of rigid belt-tightening. But, according to Dmitry Medvedev, last year was a turning point. The Prime Minister called him a year conscious of the opportunities that the country has learned to use contrary to the predictions about the crash of the Russian economy. With great pleasure these predictions were made from overseas.

«In politics, with all the external pressure, we realized new possibilities not only to resist him, but also to advance in the promotion of their interests. In the economy we realized the new opportunities not only situational to respond to the crisis, but also to create new sources of growth», — said Medvedev.

Your enthusiasm Medvedev reinforced the numbers: in the fourth quarter of last year the economy showed growth of 0.3%. Inflation – 4.2%. Budget by more than half now supplemented by non-oil revenues. Growing the real sector of the economy. From 1 July the minimum wage will rise to seven thousand eight hundred roubles, and in the next few years and to a living wage. Pensions this year indexed in February the level of real inflation.

Following the report, the government, the State Duma had to make the decision: she endorses the work of the Cabinet or not. «United Russia», which the Parliament a constitutional majority, some observations were made, but in General, the position of the party United.

«We believe that the government, in difficult conditions, worked quite effectively and ensuring the implementation of obligations of the state to the people and laying the Foundation for the further development of our country», — said the head of the faction «United Russia» in the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev.

The party «Fair Russia» even before Dmitry Medvedev has submitted its report said: ready to give a negative assessment of the government. SRS have its own report, «Social outcome in 2016.» A brochure came to the meeting with the Prime Minister the leader of the faction, full of dry statistics. In his emotional speech Sergei Mironov has diluted the results of certain polls.

«The government avoided the word crisis, and 78% of the adult population of our country believe that Russia now has full-blown economic crisis. More than 40% of people in our country get paid less than 20 thousand rubles per month. Various surveys show that every fourth citizen of Russia today saves on food. It’s a shame,» he said.

Medvedev agreed: the government should be criticized, but not to distort. In the beginning of the speech, though the Prime Minister spoke about the positive indicators in the economy, but he himself admitted that they are not as large as we would like.

«We have a lot of positive indicators. But let the ground get down everything. And we are the living conditions? Finances are closed, the blockade, the price of oil fell twice! That’s all you remember? Nothing has changed. Let’s give a universal recipe, if the steer is ready, what to do next. Find additional money. I brought our colleague, Sergey, some examples. We will learn, of course. And just like those conversations of no value in conditions of extremely difficult external and internal situation,» — said Medvedev.

Gennady Zyuganov criticized the more moderate: like, and not everyone in the country is so bad, saying that the President successfully engaged in foreign policy, security forces fight crime, but the government is not doing. And called specific, in his opinion, the perpetrators.

«The government, especially the financial-economic bloc, crawling on the Yeltsin-Gaidar track and denies one idea from another. Everything revolves around them, a summary of the current day. But today the current day can’t even feed properly. While your government is working very feeble. If you will continue to sit Kudrin and others like him, just obvalimsya. We can not allow this strictly», — said Zyuganov.

«Gennady Andreevich, Kudrin in the government of the Russian Federation. You said: expel Kudrin. But it’s not in our government. Alexei Leonidovich is engaged in other matters. Now 2017. Some continuity in approaches can be, however, let’s not all blame on specific people,» — said Medvedev.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has acted, albeit with a traditionally emotional speech, but very peaceful. To bring positivity in the boardroom of the state Duma did not stop even off the microphone.

«When we listen to that say, our mood is getting worse. Why all about the bad day and night talking. The mood finally, it should be. Let’s see how they all sit, Dmitry Medvedev, gloomy, sad. Need to smile! You Ministers the best in the world government. The best country in the world! You the most money! And the best in the world, the State Duma deputies», encouraged those present Zhirinovsky.

All MPs had to ask the head of the government 22 questions. As promised Medvedev in the beginning of the meeting, the discussion with the parliamentarians took two-thirds of the allotted event time.

Lily Akinshina, Vladimir hurtin, Nikolai Zhukov, Alexander Medvedev, «TV Center»

Medvedev responded to the criticism of the government in the state Duma 20.04.2017

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